Sister Cities Contest

Yet another contest…here are all the details I know from the email I just received:

Hello!  Our Urbana Sister Cities group is sponsoring an art contest that may be of interest to your students.
Visual art pieces can be of any medium and up to 24 by 36 inches in size.  Poetry up to 200 words and essays up to 500 words are also invited.  The theme is Going Places, emphasizing the importance of international friendship and exchange in achieving peace.
Locally, we will choose three winners giving a $100 and two $50 prizes.  There will be an art show, perhaps at the Urbana City Building, of chosen pieces.   The winner will be submitted to the International Sister Cities competition.
Our deadline is soon – April 1 in coordination with the ACT SO art show  – and we can come to you to look at work or whatever is most convenient.
Thanks for considering this!
meg miller <>

Palette Studies/ Masterpiece Recreation

This week students finished up their palette studies and we had some time in the library to pick out a “masterpiece” to recreate.  This painting should be one that you LOVE and you should think of the artist as your teacher for the next two weeks of art class as you learn their secrets for success.

Homework due Monday 3/13:  Artist information sheet due.

Your name:_____________________________________________________


Artist name:_____________________________________________________


Birth date: _________                         Years lived:__________________



Name of painting selected:__________________________________________


Year it was created:_______________


Size of painting in inches: ________________________________


Location of painting:______________________________________________


Color palette of painting  (i.e. blender/monochromatic, etc.) ________________________________________________________________

Important influences in artist’s career,  (i.e. historic events, family support, health, access to training, etc.)








Important historic events during lifetime:  ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Movement he/she is associated with:_________________________________________________


Challenges he/she overcame: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Interesting factoid(s):



Book Source:__________________________________________________________________

Art Exhibition Announcement

Hi 2D students!

The following exhibition opportunity might be of interest to you.  I am attaching the information about it, as developed by the Department of Asian American Studies at U of I.  Please let me know if you have questions about this.

Ms. Evans

In honor of our 20th anniversary as a part of the University of Illinois, the Department of Asian American Studies would like to invite all interested University Laboratory High School students to submit works of art for display in our building.  This art should reflect the Asian American experience and/or Asian American history. A variety of media are acceptable. Art can be 2D or small 3D pieces.  The AAS Department and Ms. Evans will decide which works to display based on a variety of factors including suitability, fragility, creativity and craftsmanship.  

Entries are due to Ms. Evans on, or before April 1st.  Selected art will be on display in the front lounge of the Asian American Studies Center until May 5th.  All art works will be returned to Uni for pick up by May 12th.

A Few Suggested Resources for Inspiration:

  • AsiaLens Film Series (all screenings are free of charge and shown at the Spurlock Museum, 600 S. Gregory)


Upcoming Films: “Punch,” February 14 and “Playing with Fire: Women Actors of Afghanistan,” Tuesday, March 14, both at 7:00


  • Excerpt from “Dreams of My Father” by Barack Obama:

  • Letters to San Diego Librarian Clara Breed from children interned in California during WWII:

  • Article: “Why We Celebrate Filipino American History Month” with brief embedded video:

  • Laotian American Magazine:


  • New York Times Op-Doc (brief documentary) about Asian Americans on race:


  • Yo Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble video:


  • Author Gish Jen talking about the interdependent and independent self:

  • Poetry of Suheir Hammad, Palestinian American poet:


  • Our faculty have published a number of books based on various facets of Asian American experiences. You might read passages from these as well. They are listed on this page of our website:


This week students did color studies exploring various palettes, but in a triptych format.  The subject matter of the triptych should be related in each of the three paintings.  Also, the silkscreening work continued on the identity flag.  Names are looking good.

Below is a silkscreen by Andy Warhol, exploring color.


Also, the silkscreening work continued on the identity flag.  Names are looking good.  Below the flag is shown in process.


Homework due Monday, March 6

Search the internet for paintings you like.  Look for variety in subject matter, country of origin, era etc.  Add three paintings (identifying artist, country and era plus your name) to the correct class padlet.

4th hour padlet

7th hour padlet

Uni Summer Camp

images-1This week students worked in groups on their brochures, posters and premiums to promote Uni’s Summer Camp.  Dr. Radnitzer will be at the critique on Friday.  Approaches range from the traditional to the experimental.  So far Dr. Radnitzer has only had positive comments about what he has seen.

The next unit before Agora, we will be learning about silkscreening.  I found two radically different approaches that I think you would enjoy seeing.  The first is a very DIY approach, by IISIVEII, where the artist shows how to silkscreen using old pantyhose.  Although his results are a little rough, I love how accessible he makes silkscreening.

The second video is quite the opposite.  Controversial artist Shepherd Fairey, creator of the Obama Hope poster, shows his process and talks about his inspirations.  He is combining silkscreening and relief printing (like we did last semester) with paper making.  His prints will be displayed at PACE, a prestigious NYC gallery.


Homework due:  Monday, 2/13

Create a valentine card for a millennial.  Think of themes, fonts, images that speak to your generation.  It can be collaged, drawn or done on the computer, but it must be on PAPER.

Alternative homework assignments:

1.Create a piece of art (less than 11″ x 14″) for the Insect Fear Film Festival Art Contest.  This year’s theme celebrates U of I alumni in entomology and the U of I campus.  You must  include an insect.

2.  Enter the Cooper Hewitt food justice contest.  Bring in your drawing for critique.