Finishing touches

This week students worked purposefully on their final projects.  Many are taking on a completely new media and struggling a bit to get over the hill, but I see progress.  Quickly I hope it will become a landslide of progress.  Many are involved in researching and collecting adventures.  So far there is not much physical stuff to show, but quickly that needs to change into something tangible because final critiques are next week.

Do your best.


Homework due WEDNESDAY, May 16

Take home all of your work, clean out your box and leave only your FINAL PROJECT for critique.

Extra credit…

If at least 80% of 3D classes responds to this survey, you each receive 10 extra credit points.


Final Weeks

We critiqued the very spontaneous and refreshing self portraits you created last week.  Impressive results for such a short project.

The bulk of the week was spent on the final projects and working through problems of materials and technology.  Full speed ahead.

Homework due Monday, 5/7  Choose:

  1.  Create a sketch for the Draw Mr. Bild contest.  Traditional media please.  Yes, you may draw from a picture.  Emi sent one out a few days ago, or you can take your own.  Creatively depict Mr. Bild in a fully developed drawing.
  2. Make your mark.  Revisit one of your old drawings that had potential, but needed values to make it outstanding.  Create value by using either pointillist technique (tiny dots) or by using a combination of marks – dots, dashes, lines and squiggles — as Van Gogh did in the drawing below called, Road to Tarascan,  to make your old drawing a new masterpiece.78.2514.22_ph_web

Final 3 weeks

As we wrap up our self portrait project and transition into a belated spring, take time to enjoy these last few weeks of school.

I’ve enjoyed seeing the projects come to fruition.


Homework due 4/30:  choose between

  1.  Email me 8 web references (addresses) of inspiration for your final project.  Look for artists whose work interests you.
  2. Flex your drawing skill and do a 45 min. minimum drawing of any subject.  Traditional media only.
  3. Create art inspired by a part of a poem.  Julian M. will be putting the images together to create an illustrated poem.  Find out more about this here.

Masterpiece Critique

Finally, the masterpiece is done and ready for critique.  Shown above are some works in process.  The palette of Kevin’s Starry Night looks promising.

Next we are on to a quick self portrait unit before launching into the FINAL PROJECT!

Homework due 4/23:

Your final project proposal is due.  You must include a sketch.  A form to fill out was given out in class, but if you lost yours, here’s what you need to know.

  Final Project                                                            Proposal due:  Monday, April 23


Next week we will be completing our last studio art assignment.  You may begin your final project after finishing your self portrait (for 2D) or plaster gauze sculpture (3D).  This means you will begin approximately April 30 and devote the rest of your art class to your final “portfolio worthy” project.  You will have approximately three weeks to complete your project. (Of course, if you miss days, your working time will be shorter.)   This is your chance to explore an area of interest to you. You may go into greater depth with materials or concepts we’ve examined before, or you may explore some aspect of art or craft we did not touch upon.  Your project must be executed in the Art Room and your project should not be used to fulfill another course requirement.


If you are unsure of what to do, suggest some possible ideas and we can discuss.


Some ideas for final projects are listed below:

  1. Advanced level sculpture project – i.e. assemblage sculpture or mixed media sculpture project.
  2. Design a piece of furniture (including a scale model)
  3. Create a personal memory box, (see Joseph Cornell on the web)
  4. Silk screen or printing project
  5. Light metals project – jewelry pieces or small scale sculpture
  6. Design a clothing collection around a common theme. Create a fabric swatch board and collection of drawings.
  7. Advanced level painting project. (Still life, figurative, landscape or homage to an artist)
  8. Puppet or marionette using paper mache
  9. Design a structure/stage set for a play including a model.
  10. Knitting/crochet/macrame
  11. Accessory design and creation (purses, hats, gloves)
  12. Create a graphic novel.
  13. Plan and illustrate a complicated party event (i.e. wedding, inauguration)
  14. Enter a contest (i.e. Tie design for Hermes, graphic novel/Scott McCloud)
  15. Build a model (architecture/transportation/furniture)
  16. Planar head design/college/painting


Your project must be approved before you begin.  You are welcome to use the materials in the art room, but for some projects you may need to purchase materials and this can be costly.  Please remember, if you are using imagery that is copyrighted, you should transform that image significantly.


Typed proposal with sketch, materials and time line due on Monday 4/23.

Name: _________________________


General Description of Project and what you expect to learn:





Week 1 accomplishments:








Week 2 accomplishments:







Week 3 accomplishments:






What extensions to your project could you do if you finish early?












CRITIQUE:  Thurs. May 17 Seniors


Friday,  CRITIQUE May 18  others



Materials needed:




(On reverse side draw a sketch of your proposed project.)

Finishing our Masterpieces

This week students made big progress on the masterpiece assignment.  We will critique our results on Wednesday!


Homework due Monday4/16:  Choose

  1.  Re-design your masterpiece.  Think about what MAJOR change you could make, but still in keeping with what you like about your artist.  Color please.  Can be done digitally.
  2. Design a new homework assignment (to take around 1 hour) for one of the units we’ve covered.  Email me your  instructions and create a sample.

Masterpiece Mania

Unknown-1Mary Ann Currier, Plums Van Der Weyden (1989) Oil

Yes, the masterpiece recreations have begun.  One week down and one week to go.  People are beginning to become more confident about color and brushwork.  Layering is paramount.  Can you identify these masterpieces in the making?


And, let’s not forget about the palette studies we finished before spring break (ahem).


There are lots of talented artists in this class who will probably want to keep on painting beyond our class.  For you, I happened onto this video talking from MAKE magazine about setting up an acrylic painting palette.  Their idea looks good to me.

Homework due Monday, 4/9  You choose:

Based upon the painting and artist you are recreating, sketch a color design an item for the museum gift shop that goes beyond the tote bag or tie.

2.  You’ve probably seen the email contest for an idea to improve Uni from Mrs. Andrea Taylor on 3/26.  If your idea can be visually depicted, sketch it with appropriate detail and annotation.